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    “Flying car” is 480 km / h

    Dr. Paul Moller of Canada and a company in Southern California are developing a flying car called the SkyCar 400.

    This car will use four engines, each with 134 kW. The aerodynamic structure of the SkyCar 400 was tested by aerospace technology, so its shape was optimal.

    SkyCar has a speed of 480km / h, ceiling to 10,973m, speed up to 24.38 m / s. Expected it can fly from London to Paris in about 35 minutes.

    The company’s engineers plan to design the car to take off, landing vertically. Two pairs of engines in the front and rear can divert the thrust to lift the SkyCar 400, then adjust it back to fly by. This car can take off from any plane, be it lawn, lawn, ice and concrete.

    The weight of the SkyCar 400 is 1,088 kg. The SkyCar 400 can carry 6 passengers, with a total load of 900 kg.

    Over the years, the SkyCar flight test has been completed, but overall the technology and economy have been adjusted for many years.

    Moller will test SkyCar for long distances and fly high by the end of 2013.

    Robot care patients

    The U.S. Medical Device Administration is considering the use of a specialized RP-VITA robot to take care of patients. Thanks to its improved communication between patients and physicians, the monitoring and adjustment of treatment protocols is timely.

    A physician may consult the patient for physical condition, remotely wounds through an iPad-based robot interface.

    Actually, doctors can not always stay with the patient, directly consult with the patient more specifically through nurses treatment.

    The nature of the robot is an automated control device, through images, speech, and screening results, and subclinical imaging, the physician can continuously monitor many consecutive patients. This process is carried out wirelessly, through digital protocols.

    When you need to call a doctor during the night, or express your opinion, the patient is no longer anxious to wait.

    RP-VITA can move around a bed without touching the person. It integrates electronic health records for each bed. It also has data ports for connecting digital stethoscopes, ultrasound and synthesized reports.

    RP-VITA is approved for immediate use for follow-up of patients before, after and during surgery and during the examination and evaluation process.

    According to Truong Van (Chinhphu.vn)

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