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    Policy with the manufacturers


    Form of cooperation with manufacturers
    Website http://MEB.com.vn is oriented to become a reputable e-commerce website specializing in providing measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, hand tools, automation … The website currently has thousands of products that are scientifically organized and provide all the necessary information so that customers can decide to buy products online or contact to buy products. Every day, the website has thousands of people visiting information and buying products, and this number of people is increasing day by day.

    • You are the manufacturer of all kinds of measuring equipment, laboratory equipment, industrial equipment, electrical equipment, and automation. You want to display, promote, sell products, post news about new products, promotions, product discounts, PR, company events …
    • You already have a strong distribution system and are looking to perfect the system to a new level or are planning to establish a new distribution channel nationwide.

    Come to MEB to promote your brand and develop your revenue most effectively at a cost of 0 VND.

    We will help you develop the traditional distribution and retail system as well as build more effective, highly competitive parallel online distribution channels, reduce operating costs, and increase advertising. branding products as well as corporate names effectively!


    • The Supplier must commit to ensure that the goods are of the correct type, quality, and technical standards of the Firm / Manufacturer as information provided to us.
    • Supplier periodically provides information about products such as Product catalog and catalog, product prices, pricing policies for retail, wholesale, promotions, gifts donation, discount on website, information about warehouse and goods status in regions nationwide, delivery, and payment method …
    • Supplier coordinates with us to organize training courses, introduce new products for our sales staff, technicians, sales associates, to ensure a good response to sales consulting. goods, choosing suitable products for customers when buying. The two sides work together to promote, promote, and sell products through such forms as posting new product information, promotional products, outstanding products, posting brand logos of SP, manufacturers, suppliers.
    • The Supplier will provide complete information and commit to comply with warranty policies, trial, replacement, renewal, return (if any).

    We reserve the right to perform the following tasks:

    Modify information, suspend, or delete product information that we consider to be inaccurate, harming consumers, or adversely affect MEB’s business
    Temporarily suspending or terminating service to partners that engage in unfair competition practices, have signs of defrauding customers, or adversely affect MEB’s business.
    In most cases, we will aim to protect the legitimate interests of customers purchasing on MEB and will take the necessary actions to protect the interests of customers.

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