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    Privacy Policy

    MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT TRADING EQUIPMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY. (hereinafter referred to as “MEB., JSC”), as an Importer and Distributor of Equipment. We can provide comprehensive solutions that must handle a wide variety of information, including our technical information and information provided by customers. Aware of this, MEB.COM.VN always strives to establish and thoroughly apply an effective information management system to ensure the respect of the above information.

    MEB.COM.VN will make every effort to appropriately protect personal information based on this policy platform.

    1. Purpose and scope of information collection

    Purpose of collecting customer information: for sales, warranty, or communications sales.

    Information is provided directly to MEB.COM.VN by filling out “Coupon”, “Order form” or other forms.

    2- Scope of using information

    Scope of using information related to business, technical and communication departments of MEB.COM.VN. MEB.COM.VN will only collect and use personal information for each purpose.

    MEB.COM.VN will not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the customer, except in special cases.

    3- Time to store information

    Set up rules for managing personal information and keep improving.

    4- Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information


    Address: Floor 2, No. 37 Nguyen Son, Long Bien, Ha Hoi

    5- Means and tools for users to access and edit their data.

    When customers request disclosure, correction, or deletion of your personal information, seek to prevent such use or provide such information, or send complaints or request advice, MEB will respond sincerely and honestly, respecting the rights of people related to such personal information.

    6- Commitment to the confidentiality of customer personal information

    MEB.COM.VN will ensure that the operating team and all employees are aware of the importance of keeping customer personal information confidential and will establish personal information management rules. Apply it appropriately and ensure that the management system is strictly enforced. These rules will be maintained and improved continuously.

    While carefully reviewing the personal information that customers trust us to provide to us in our company’s operations, MEB.COM.VN will process such information appropriately by establishing a management system to protect customer personal information. In addition, MEB.COM.VN will not use such information for purposes other than originally intended and will implement appropriate controls and assessments to protect personal information.

    MEB.COM.VN is committed to complying with the laws of Vietnam, guidelines, other regulations on the privacy of personal information. In addition, MEB.COM.VN will also comply with its own rules for the management of personal information based on those laws, guidelines, regulations.

    6 – Website owner information

    Full name: Nguyen Minh Bac

    Phone: 0963.658.658

    Contact information

    For questions about this document except for requests to disclose… personal information and complaints, please contact us in the following manner:


    Importer and distributor of Measuring Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Automation

    Website: https://meb.com.vn

    Head office in Hanoi:

    Address: Floor 2, No. 37 Nguyen Son Street, Long Bien District, Ha Hoi City, Viet Nam.

    Phone: (8424) .35116868 – Fax: (8424) .38512288

    Hotline: 0943 146 622/0912 078 332

    Email: kinhdoanh@meb.com.vn

    ✆ (+84) 912.078.332
    ✆ (+84) 918.156.228
    Tax code :0106597837
    Office in Hanoi : 2nd Floor, 37 Nguyen Son Streets, Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District, HaNoi City, Vietnam.
    TelePhone: (8424).3511 6868 – Fax:(8424).3851 2288
    Hotline: 0963 658 658 / 0912.078.332 / 0918.156.228 / 0983867696
    Email: kinhdoanh@meb.com.vn



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