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    MEB Vietnam - distributor of measuring and testing equipment

    Square Type Block KYA 13B

    Mã sản phẩm: KYA-13B-EN

    Gọi để có giá tốt

    Hà Nội: 0963 658 658 / 0975.745.366 /
    0975.745.266 / 0975.729.366 /

    Holding tools for marking and lightduty machining. Holding tools for electric discharge machining and wire cutting.
    Holding tools for three-dimensional measuring instruments and various measuring systems.
    ● Workpieces can be held on three faces of top (V face) and both side faces.
    ● On/Off lever is detachable. ( length of each opposite side of hexagonal hole is 8mm )
    ●They are of waterproof and oilproof const-ruction. ● An M8 tapped hole is provided on the top for
    lifting (KYA-18 only).
    ● Super high accuracy finish is also available.
    Please contact us.

    Model Holding Power Applicable  Diameter Dimensions Mass
    V groove① V groove② V groove① V groove② B H L Le a
    KYA- 8B 120N(12kgf) 100N(10kgf) φ10~φ25 φ8~φ15 80(3.14) 80(3.14) 80(3.14) 31(1.22) 20(0.78) 3.5kg/ 7.7 lb
    KYA- 10B 200N(20kgf) 120N(12kgf) φ10~φ35 φ10~φ30 100(3.93)  100(3.93) 100(3.93) 42(1.65) 26(1.02) 7kg/ 15 lb
    KYA- 13B 300N(30kgf) 250N(25kgf) φ10~φ40 φ10~φ26 125(4.92)  125(4.92) 125(4.92) 48(1.88) 30(1.18) 14kg/ 30 lb
    KYA- 15B 400N(40kgf) 400N(40kgf) φ10~φ38 150(5.90) 150(5.90) 150(5.90) 61(2.40) 32(1.25) 23kg/ 13 lb
    KYA- 18B 300N(30kgf) φ14~φ50 φ14~φ50 180(7.08) 180(7.08)  180(7.08)  69(2.71) 38(1.49) 37kg/ 13 lb
    KYA- 20B 650N(65kgf) 650N(65kgf) 200(7.87)  200(7.87)  200(7.87) 101(3.97) 51kg/112 lb

    ※The above value attractive force is in case of round steel of dia. 20mm on V face.
    ※For accuracy, please refer to the below-mentioned table.
    ※Please take note that attractive force of the each face is reduced when a work piece is attracted on more than 2 faces at the same time.

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