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    Shipping policy


    • Making a difference in benefits and maximum support for customers when buying products at the website system of MEB Vietnam, we DELIVERY FREE ITEMS TO YOU.


    • Subjects of application: Customers buy products at MEB with an order value of 5,000,000 VND or more and a weight of <2kg.
    • Area of ​​application: Nationwide


    1. Shipping Policy: FREE NATIONAL SHIPPING – This free shipping policy applies to all products purchased at MEB by customers. – To implement this policy, customers need to pay 100% of the value of the order in advance.
    2. Delivery time MEB will make delivery: Within 24 hours if the delivery place is ≤ 20 km from the headquarters of the MEB. – Within 2-3 days if the delivery place is within 50 km from MEB headquarters.
    • Within 3-5 days if the delivery place is within 100 km from the headquarters of the MEB.
    • Within 5-> 7 days if the delivery place is within 200 km from MEB headquarters.
    • After 7-> 10 days if the delivery place is 200 km or more from the headquarters of the MEB.
    • Before shipping, the forwarding department will contact customers to confirm the specific delivery time and place.
    • Delivery time: All days of the week. (exclude Sunday, TET )
    1. Other conditions

    This program is only applicable to products purchased at MEB’s website systems

    • MEB only delivers the goods to the correct recipient that customers have registered when buying. During the delivery process, if there is an unclear change to the recipient, MEB has the right to refuse delivery and request customers to receive the goods at MEB’s location.
    • For cases of free shipping from 100 Km or more, to reduce unexpected incidents such as delivery at the wrong address, or when the goods are delivered but there is no receiver, MEB suggests Customers present their household registration book or ID card and provide the desk phone number to the sales consultant during the purchase transaction at MEB.
    • In some cases where the delivery address is not clear, located in the corner, or dangerous places, in dangerous mountainous areas, and transportation is difficult, MEB reserves the right to refuse transportation or delivery. receive goods directly.
    • In case of force majeure, natural disasters, floods, ferry bridge failure …, MEB is not responsible for compensating damages arising from improper delivery of goods or not transporting goods to locations such as agreed with the customer.
    • In case MEB has transported the goods to the delivery place as agreed upon at the time of purchase, but for some reason, the customer requests to return the goods, then the customer must bear the shipping costs according to the prescribed tariff. of the company.
    • For heavy and bulky products that need to be transported upstairs without an elevator, customer assistance should be requested in delivery.
    • Road and road costs, village entrance fees, or parking fees in the apartment are paid by customers.
    • Means of transportation (car, motorbike, or other means of transport) are coordinated and decided by MEB.
    • During special days or festivals due to limited general transport policy (no road for some vehicles …) delivery, time may change, MEB will call customers to agree most on-time delivery.
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