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    Supply solution for drilling rig in the ocean

    In the midst of a big wave of high winds, the North Sea gas platforms regularly suffer from winds 6 through 7 for days on end. In order to provide the goods for the rig because of the inability to wait for the wind, the ships have built their own stable transport system thanks to the laser sensors.

    So in big waves, big winds, the supply ships for the rig is very vulnerable to impact on the column foot, unsafe for the entire structure. Moreover, it is difficult to crank up and place orders on board, because the ship is unstable in direction and sluggish in waves. The gas rigs often have a base to the bottom of the sea to more than 300m thanks to the four calf legs. Giant tones. Height from the sea up to the platform nearly 100m.

    In order to overcome this inadequacy, the transport vessels for the rig are equipped with horizontal laser scanning stations, which are scanned into the column legs, where “markers” are available in height, 4 foot positions. The column of the fixed coordinate system.

    The wave’s sloping and trapezoidal lows compared to the rig are fed back to the computer by the rays.

    Whenever laser beams indicate standard deviation from the mark, the computer instructs the propeller motors in each respective position to automatically “execute” the rotation of the control computer. As such, it is difficult for the ship to rotate, or to move naturally along the waves. At this time the delivery up and down is no longer difficult.

    These lasers also constantly warn the distance between the ship and the foot pillar to ensure the safety of the rig as well as rig structure.

    Tran Van (source: Theo Chinhphu.vn)

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