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    Warranty Policy


    I- Warranty

    • Warranty period: is the time that MEB is responsible for receiving and handling warranty for products provided by MEB which is written on the warranty card and stamp.
    • Valid warranty card: is a warranty card issued by MEB with the product stamped by MEB, the warranty form must be in accordance with the prescribed form, not separated – patched, production code on the warranty card. written by MEB on the ticket and must coincide with the product code brought to warranty (no sign of erasure or repair)
    • Valid warranty stamp: is a decal glued by MEB on each product, without patching or showing signs of pry repair, peeling, gluing.

    II-General provisions

    MEB applies a nationwide warranty policy: Customers who purchase products provided by MEB at any MEB branch/office will also receive warranty coverage at all MEB’s official branches nationwide.

    Product warranty is: Fix the failure, technical problems caused by the error of the manufacturer.

    III. Warranty provisions

    • Products with free warranty are products whose warranty period is calculated from the date of delivery (The warranty period is indicated on the Warranty Card and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all problems. technically).
    • There is a warranty card and warranty stamp of MEB on the product.
    • New products: Products provided by MEB must meet the above warranty conditions and damage caused by manufacturing defects and MEB’s technical inspection cannot be repaired anymore, MEB will change new products.

    IV- The cases are not warranted

    • The product has passed the warranty period indicated on the ticket or lost the Warranty Card.
    • The warranty seal is torn, broken, pasted or information is corrected.

    The Warranty card does not specify the serial number and date of purchase.

    • The device number on the product is indeterminate or incorrect compared with the model number stated on the warranty card.
    • The product is damaged due to the impact of mechanical deformation, damage caused by subjective human causes such as dropping, breaking, impacting, scratching, distortion, wetness, rust, watering or due to fire, natural disasters, electrical shock, fire, explosion.
    • The product shows signs of damage caused by rat or insect infiltration.
    • The product is not used by the instruction manual, using the wrong voltage regulator.
    • Users remove and repair machinery and equipment by themselves before bringing them to warranty.

    V- After warranty service

    The equipment and products purchased at MEB are out of warranty period or in the conditions that are not covered by warranty will be repaired and replaced by MEB Warranty Center at preferential price or supported to be repaired at genuine.

    VI- Location of warranty


    Address: Floor 2, No. 37 Nguyen Son Street, Long Bien District , Ha Hoi
    Phone: (8424) .35116868 – Fax: (8424) .38512288
    Hotline: 0943 146 622/0912 078 332

    Website: https://meb.com.vn

    Support time: 8:00 – 17:30 except Sunday, Tet holiday

    ✆ (+84) 912.078.332
    ✆ (+84) 918.156.228
    Tax code :0106597837
    Office in Hanoi : 2nd Floor, 37 Nguyen Son Streets, Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District, HaNoi City, Vietnam.
    TelePhone: (8424).3511 6868 – Fax:(8424).3851 2288
    Hotline: 0963 658 658 / 0912.078.332 / 0918.156.228 / 0983867696
    Email: kinhdoanh@meb.com.vn



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